TO MAKE YOUR TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION CLICK HERE and PLEASE MAKE SURE to mark your payment as MAYA so your donation is directed to this project. For more information on how to do this, and on the projects we are undertaking, please read below. 


If you donate here, there are two areas of recovery your money will go:

  1. Rebuilding of Schools, including added staff and much needed equipment.  

  2. Education about and help for victims of trafficking. 


The aim is to work with government and first meet educational needs. Once that is done, and the schools are rebuilt, focus on the bigger vision can begin. This is to do with getting these villages on their feet – brining economic activities, and bringing women to the forefront in the economic shift. These are small areas without media attention. I am working with these women to make sure the attention does not shift until the job is done. 

REBUILDING OF SCHOOLS: The goal is rebuilding of 5 schools in Bhotenamlang and then help with another 8 schools in the district of Sindhopalchok. The current needs are: classrooms, toilets, teacher support (shelter and food for teachers who are brought in from surrounding areas), afternoon-meal for kids and the building of awareness of anti-trafficking within school system. Then there is the great need for extra staff. These activities are happening in the next few weeks, leading on to long-term rebuilding. The village is active in this rebuilding, assembling volunteers who are helping with labor. 

ANTI-TRAFFICKING: Maya has been working with victims of trafficking for a few years now. It is her passion. Due to the Earthquake, she has had to put this on hold and focus her efforts on rebuilding her home village. With trafficking being one of the greatest problems in the wake of disaster (read this article from The Guardian) Maya’s work is being trumped by the need people have for money and survival, so girls are being taken advantage of. This particular aspect of the recovery effort funds work to educate women in remote areas, as well as advocating for themselves and empowering them through creating choice. This is a long-term project. 

TO MAKE YOUR TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION CLICK HERE.  You will be directed to the Real Medicine Foundation donation page. RMF are kindly facilitating this endeavor with less than minimal administration to ensure your money goes directly to the project, so please be sure to mark your payment as MAYA, so the donation comes to us. 

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE FINDING the memo section of the payments, here is where to look:

Under credit cards you will see the second line item is ‘Direct Donation Towards.’

  • Click the down arrow
  • Then click ‘I’d like to request a specific purpose’
  • A memo box will then appear and you can type in MAYA.

Under Paypal there is an actual description/memo box were you can type where you would like to apply your donation.

For checks or wire transfer, there is a visible memo section.

If you would like to be updated on the progress of these projects, you can follow my FB page, twitter (@bojnovak) or Instagram (@boyzbi).

Thank you so much for helping out. It’s an incredibly generous gift and we remain forever grateful.  

2 thoughts on “DONATE HERE

  1. Hello, i am Ajit from Nepal. I am from sindhupalchok. Our hoise collapsed. My family has eight members and six of them are student. I would like to volunteer during this free time. Can i? Is there is something available for us? Please help us please! It would be experience as well as social help. Thanks


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