Bathing Day…

The first wash in over a week… Three boys followed us to the waterhole, and then slowly over time, the whole under 12 demographic of the village came to watch us bathe. That was eventually brought to an end by an old lady who came to chase the boys away with a stick. She had been told another earthquake was coming, and was waving her stick around telling them all to go home. Maya didn’t really care. Neither did the boys. They just made fun of her. During our water time, I took the opportunity to do what I saw Dr. Sarina doing at the school that day. I showed the boys some good old fashioned bathing techniques. She just looked on and laughed at me. I don’t think I get “it” yet.



IMG_8723 copy

IMG_8689 copyIMG_8829


IMG_8728 copyIMG_8819IMG_8735





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