The school on top of the mountain…

We visited Gobre, where the school will be rebuilt. Thanks to you guys, the money has been raised.  It’s going to be next to impossible to get bamboos up here, but the decision has been made to continue the work – thanks to Kushal Harjani and a group of incredible volunteers.

IMG_9952 copy

IMG_9950 copy





IMG_9918 copy


This little girl has an infection on her face and the locals put some ointment on it. Dr. Priyansa checked her out and cleaned her up, giving instructions to the school principal and her grandfather on how to maintain the wounds. Her father is dead and her mother left the village with another husband, so she is being looked after by her grandfather.


IMG_9948 copy


And then of course there is the mountain goats…



These two were “at school” even thought it was not open, and the building is deemed dangerous and about to be knocked down. It’s one thing I have seen here consistently – kids want to learn. They want to be in school. IMG_9972


If there is one man you want by your side traveling to remote places in Nepal, it’s this guy – Tashi Tanzing Sherpa, a brilliant mountaineer, trekker, adventurer and philanthropist. Check out his and Mrs. Bandi Nima Sherpa’s incredible foundation The Nepal Green Tara FoundationThey have been helping kids in incredible ways and are helping us however they can, donating tents, tarps, food and time. IMG_9840


One thought on “The school on top of the mountain…

  1. Having fun catching up on all these great pics. Love seeing all these kids so willing to learn. The pic with the butterfly is awesome. And oh that poor baby girl, glad she is getting the help she needs so bad.
    I am recently disabled and can’t get out much, so thank you for helping me see these amazing sites that I could never see otherwise.
    Bojana, I have been able to chat with a few friends on FB that have non-profit orgs that deal with the women’s rights issues around the globe. Obviously, they are in need of donations too, but I think they are interested in your adventures and may be following you soon??? Like I told them, you are all on the same team. Cyndi actually is still going thru the process of being non-profit and she will have a person in LA, I think. Erika is the wife of one of my best friends. Both are great people. Sorry for being lengthy, but as you can tell the I have trouble with the 140 concept. lol
    As always, keep it up and be safe. 🙂


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