Donation link is up…

Today I got a message from Nim, who I haven’t seen yet because she is in the district of Dolakha. She had an important matter to discuss. In order to convey the weight of the situation, I have reprinted her message in full:

Put in safe place my vodka.

Hope earthquake doesn’t shake.

I don’t mind shaking me but I want my vodka safe.

This is the woman who climbed Everest when she was 17, and then the other 6 summits over the next 6 years. I take everything she says seriously. I’ve put padding around her vodka bottle.

In other matters concerning the rebuilding of Nepal – here’s the deal. We wanna build 2 permanent bamboo schools in the Sindhupalchowk District (10 classrooms) before monsoon season hits in July. Making education available to kids (especially girls) is the BEST WAY to ensure they don’t get seduced by traffickers, who are rampant in Nepal in this post disaster period.

It’s going to cost 10K – which we need to raise in two weeks. This leaves two weeks to build before the rain starts pelting down. It’s a hefty ask, but it can happen if a lot of you give just a little. Your donations will be 100% tax deductible. CLICK HERE for more info. Please make sure you mark your donation with the words MAYA so the money comes to us.

In the meantime, I just heard that I’m going to be in charge of teaching people how to build temporary shelters and classrooms. I have no idea how to do this, so I am certain the girls are playing a practical joke on me – and the villagers. At 7am tomorrow we are heading to Sindhupalchowk District to and utilize my skills in being bossy. Apparently that characteristic is very useful in these times.


3 thoughts on “Donation link is up…

  1. Hi Bojana … A BIG thank you for creating an opportunity so those who do feel helpless can actually help from afar. I donated two times but the 1st time I missed the part of having to mention it was for MAYA (Sorry). I’ve sent the Real Medicine Foundation an email letting them know, so I hope you get the donation. Would love to know any updates on the progress of your projects … And as a wise man once said …“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi … All the best with your journey!


    1. George, this is such a kind comment and thank you for your donation. I do recall them telling me that someone emailed to specify the donation was for Yana so I assume that was you. If you want to get specific updates on the work – go to or my facebook – BO NOVAK – where I will post publicly – so we don’t have to be personal friends. Today we went to Gobre village which is at the top of the mountain and where a 5 classroom school will be built thanks to the donation you and other like you have sent. Thank you!


      1. No worries Bojana – your work in Nepal is very inspiring! You’re welcome regarding donations, I’m happy to contribute even in such a small way and will continue to donate for sure (I’m glad they contacted you) … hopefully you receive many more donations for a cause that is really great … Cheers for the update regarding the progress of the projects … If you end up doing an email newsletter or something, feel free to add me to the list … In the meantime, I will check out FB and the Seven Summits womens site. Thanks!


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