Too Much Tragedy Becomes Comedy

A few of you may be wondering why I haven’t left for Nepal yet… I was wondering the same thing. But after the second quake on May 12th, Shailee told me I wasn’t allowed to come. I thought maybe they didn’t have somewhere for me to sleep and I would be a nuisance. But it turns out the girls had new needs, and I needed time to collect them. Here is an edited version of the conversation which revealed their comprehensive list of new desires on May 12th at 7am. (To preserve their anonymity,  I’ve identified them as A, B and C :))

B: A lot changes with today’s quake. Let us get the latest, and update you accordingly on what’s needed.

Me: Anything you need, let me know.

A: Just pray pray pray…..

Me: Where are you now?

A: At home.

B: Ground floor?

A: Yes, and now I’m drunk.

Me: Oh, should I send some brandy? Vodka?

A: Thank you we need!

B: Haha, don’t be too drunk. You have to run if it comes again.

Me: What’s your favorite?

B: She’ll drink anything.

Me: You guys are making me laugh! This can’t be happening!!!

A: Any alcohol you can bring me.

B: Where are the children?

C: I need one vodka too. Hello? One vodka for me.

B: See Bo, I told you.

Me: I’ll bring as much as I legally can!

A: All kids are left. I’m almost alone. They are found safe place near by house.

B: Bojana we were on 5th floor when it happened. “A” had just gone for shower. She thought it was just another aftershock. I shouted everyone out.

Me: Well lucky she was clean and showered for an event like that. 😉

B: She came out in towel, poor thing no shower and no clothes.

Me: That is very unprepared.

B: Yup.

A: Hahahahaha. Now, I have a power to fight with earthquake.

B: So she came down in just a towel.

A: Anyway we are safe cheers baby!!!

Me: Safe and drunk.

B: Bojana, we borrowed neighbors maxi.

Me: Is a Maxi a car or a sanitary pad?

B: Just a long boring dress that women here wear at home.

Me: Oh my goodness I am bringing you clothes!

B: Haha, you don’t have to. We are not taking shower for a month now. Just get us wet wipes.

A: Haha.

Me: Ok, so vodka, brandy, wet wipes, what else?

B: A honeymoon suite would be good.

Me: OMG were you supposed to be on your honeymoon?

B: Well we never went for one because of seven summits mission. We were hoping for a proper honeymoon. Now we don’t even have a proper bedroom. Haha.

A: Bo, I only need vodka, dress and boy.

B: And make sure you bring a guy for only a few weeks, “A” has short expiry date for men.

Me: Then we are sisters!

A: Hahahahaahaha how funny we are…

B: With “A” there’s no limit. Haha.

A: Hahahahaha. I just laughing… I love that.

B: I’m out in the garden, we made shelter for all neighbors and they are all asking why am I laughing.

Me: Tell them you are laughing because life is so absurd!!!

A: Just laugh baby we are safe….

B: Too much tragedy becomes comedy.

Me: Nepal is a tourist destination now.

B: People are saying I wish there’s an earthquake now.

Me: I’m moving to Nepal!

B: My dad is telling my husband to stay warm otherwise he will get ‘earthquake diarrhea.’

Me: Ahahahahhahahaaaaaaa!!!!!

B: OK Bo time to be social with my camp mates.

A: I need a hero from Hollywood so please Bojana that is your job right now.

joeledgerton1captain-america-wallpaper-batman-vs-superman-avengers-2-captain-america-2-spider-man-2-is-this-the-golden-age-of-superhero-movies__140405050134keanu-reeves-wants-revenge-on-the-set-of-john-wick_vb9eME: YOU are the hero! I’ll do my best.

A: Love you Bo.

Me: Goodnight guys. Can’t wait to see you!

So… while participating in a conversation that could have been overheard between girls at Starbucks,  I realized I had forgotten that these women were my peers – aching with the same needs and desires as my own. I was reminded that during the 1996/7 demonstrations in Serbia, we all resorted to humor and comedy to deal with the suppression of a corrupt government. In times of great trauma, the greatest people I know – turn to great humor. I have a tendency to forget that people “over there” are just like people “over here” – just as educated, smart, funny and in need of basic human experiences. The only difference in that moment between me and those girls was that they were sitting under a tarp with a crumbled village before them, and I was sitting in the Park Hyatt… It’s a big difference, but it’s only a difference of outsides. Outsides can be changed – much easier than insides. What a world! Fuck it! So, I have my marching orders – I’m not leaving LA without:

  1. Vodka
  2. Brandy
  3. Clothes
  4. Wet Wipes
  5. Men (Only single men need apply. Send your auditions via photo or video to my instagram @boyzbi 😉 )

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